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About Me


Hi there!
My name is Maygan and I live in Fairfield Township, Ohio.
My garden started with wanting to grow my own zucchini & squash.

One plant led to another... Until my patio was full of containers with delicious food & beautiful flowers that I grew myself.

I didn't know all of this was possible to do in my backyard!

FullSizeR (1).jpg

While spending time with my plants, I realized I wasn't the only one working hard in the garden.

Bees and butterflies bounced around collecting nectar & pollen, while pollinating my vegetables!

I began taking Beekeeping Courses with my dad later that year. We built an apiary, raised colonies, and found a deep passion for our pollinators.

We can help you find your passion in gardening & beekeeping, too!

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Currently booking consultations for apiary installations and beekeeping mentorships for the 2023 season.

Contact me at to learn more about keeping bees!

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