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Buckwheat is typically used as a cover crop as a nitrogen fixer for soil It’s actually a fruit that’s part of the rhubarb family, rather than a wheat! This buckwheat honey is the only harvest that does not come from my local apiary - I get this from the Ohio Amish community in the fall.


*Mini (3 ounce) - $6 each - Comes with mini wooden dipper
*Squeeze (8 ounce/Half pound) - $10


The small white blooms of buckwheat contain a very dark nectar, that is easily distinguishable from wildflower nectar The color ranges from dark amber to purple (swipe to see the jar in sunlight)

Buckwheat honey tends to have a bold, earthy, malty, molasses type of flavor profile - This tastes very unique when eaten raw and is packed full of benefits:


  • Buckwheat honey has a higher antioxidant effect than its’ rival (Manuka honey)
  • Buckwheat honey has the same antibacterial properties as Manuka “medicinal” honey
  • Buckwheat honey is packed with complex carbs that will provide natural energy all day long
  • Buckwheat honey studies show that it is more effective than OTC cough syrups when taken raw
  • Buckwheat honey has immune boosting, anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce flu season symptoms


Please note that honey must be consumed raw/unheated to receive full natural benefits. Raw honey is unfiltered, unheated, and still contain beneficial properties such as pollen, beeswax, royal jelly and more.

Buckwheat Raw Honey

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