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Our Deep Brood Box w/ Frames is able to be purchased separately here to expand your colony! Frames are only available when Deep or Medium boxes are purchased.


The wood used to build our beehives is sourced from the Ohio Amish community, where only premium center-cut pine is used for construction material. We guarantee you'll receive quality materials and superior construction with every equipment purchase. Beekeeping can become expensive - Protect your investment by reducing future replacement costs by purchasing equipment that will last years to come!


The Deep Brood Box includes and features:

  • Wall thickness of 13/16" that provides increased protection from outside elements
  • Hive bodies are glued, screwed, and nailed at each corner to prevent corner separation
  • No staples - Hive lasts many years after continued handling!
  • (1) Deep brood box (Hive body)
  • 10 blank plastic double wax coated frames
  • Finished with two coats of prime/paint in the color of your choice


Item available for delivery or pickup only. Please contact us for inquiries on custom designs or colors. 

Deep Brood Box w/ Frames

  • Length: 16.25"

    Width: 20"

    Height: 9.5"

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