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RARE & LIMITED SUPPLY! 2023's spring blooms brought a strong flow of locust nectar and we are so excited to offer this thick, clear, mildly sweet honey. This is a rare, very small batch of honey from our apiary in Dayton, OH. (also known as American Acacia)


One of the first sources of spring nectar, maple trees and black locust (acacia) trees! The early spring nectars tend to be very light in color. The spring rain plays a big factor in the flow of nectar, so the harvests vary during the beginning of the year, ranging from tree nectars and early wildflowers. As Mother Nature determines our harvests, it is always a surprise. Bees will collect nectar from various blooms, but most hives will fill frames with predominant flows that we can keep separate (no mixing of harvests).


FLAVOR PROFILE: Mildly sweet (not an overwhelming sugar taste) with a vanilla, earthy taste of flowers. Try a jar before it's out of stock - There's no guarantee it will be back!


$6 mini or $20 one pound glass jar.

Special Honey Harvest

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