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Our Swarm Trap Kit is designed to meet all of the honey bee colony's preferences when finding a new home!


The process is much easier when the bees (and you) do not have to work as hard. That's why we created this kit with design details specific to what the honey bees are actually looking for when swarming:


  • Weathertight cavity with preferred volume of approximately 40 Litres
  • Unique entrance gate with various closures sized to the preferred 1 1/4" diameter opening
  • Bird guard installed on entrance gate opening to prevent intruders
  • Constructed of high-quality select pine
  • 4 blank frames with plastic foundation and 1 frame with naturally drawn comb 
  • Langstroth's spacing for frames on side & top to reduce build up of burr comb 
  • Telescoping outer cover that increases the weatherproofing
  • I-Hooks and cable ties to secure cover
  • Mounting instructions include the honey bee's preferences on placement & location


You will receive a total of four (4) Blank Double Natural Wax Coated Frames and one (1) Naturally Drawn Comb Frame with your kit.


This item will last you up to a decade of reuse for swarm hunting, especially if the paint coat is retouched once every few seasons to keep wood in good shape.

Swarm Trap Kit

  • Choose from a Grey or Brown finish that ensures the longevity of your swarm trap and will blend in beautifully when mounted in nature. We use two coats of a prime/paint for finished items.

    Choose the "Bare" option for the item to be delivered unfinished. (Note: We highly recommend at least one coat of prime/paint in a natural-toned color to be applied every few seasons to maintain life of item.)

  • Length: 22.5"

    Width: 11"

    Height: 26.5"

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