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The Maygical Story

Hi there! My name is Maygan. I have a true passion for connecting with this amazing Earth that we get to experience life on 🌎 My home is in Fairfield Township and my main apiary is kept at the Morning Sun Flower Farm near the Hueston Woods State Park.

It started off with wanting to grow my own food at my rental house, which left me to my patio and figuring out container gardening. Watching a tiny seed grow into a full plant made me so interested in LIFE and how everything around us in nature is ALIVE! 🥬🌽 Fabric containers from Smart Pots have become my go-to choice for a successful urban garden.

Harvesting fruit from a plant you’ve watered, fed, and cared for is very rewarding. Being able to pick dinner 5 steps away from the kitchen fills my soul! As I was in the garden my first year, I realized I wasn’t the only one working hard... 🐝🌸🦋🌼🐞

How often do you stop at the grocery store and think, “Wow, I wonder how many bees it took to pollinate this crop?” 🐝🌽

When was the last time you pondered exactly where your food is coming from? The disconnect from food is something we need to change in our society!

It was then my mission to educate the public on the importance of taking care of the pollinators. In 2020, I had the opportunity to begin beekeeping and taking University of Montana courses! I’ll be going for my Journeyman’s certification in 2023 🐝 Learning about the honeybees on a deeper and scientific level made me realize again just how amazing life is. It also gave me the education needed to pass on to beginner beekeepers!

I’ve been working with my dad for the past few years in the apiary, which has now relocated and expanded like a literal dream 🌸 We keep everything picturesque, because what you see is what you get - SO. MUCH. LOVE is put into our work! 💛 My services are entirely custom based on the vision you have for your own backyard apiary or urban garden. Let's create art together at your property, business, or farm!

Every drop of honey harvested was done with care and consideration, ethically. It truly deserves the title of “liquid gold” 🍯 And every jar you purchase from me, you know EXACTLY where it came from and can even view the whole process on my Instagram @MaygicalGarden.

Maygical Garden keeps growing into more than a passion project for me and I truly appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU following along & supporting 😌💛 Let's sow the seeds and grow a pollinator-loving community together, for a better Earth today and centuries to come!

Let’s Work Together

Collaborating with like-minded people and other entrepreneurs is my favorite thing to do!

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