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Classes & More!

Community involvement and sharing passion for nature is a big mission at Maygical Garden.

Events & mini courses will be announced throughout the year in our area. We'd love attending events as a presenter or a vendor with lots of delicious honey, decor, and more.

We would love to meet you if you're local to Southwest Ohio, too!


Custom and private events can be arranged upon request.

Individuals of ALL ages can benefit from learning about our pollinators. The importance of slowing down to take nature's magic in is what we're all about. Whether you'd like to arrange a private apiary tour or have us come to you for presentations & education, Maygical Garden brings passion and fun to every event.

Contact us to discuss pricing and schedule availability for your beekeeping services and pollinator-related needs! 


Apiary Tours

Our main apiary is located near the Hueston Woods State Park in Morning Sun, Ohio. We're grateful a local flower farmer provided us beautiful land to build our bees' home. Apiary tours are offered occasionally through the spring & summer.

Please check HERE for upcoming public tours or contact us to book a private event!

Public Events

Our public parks and local businesses are great spots for us to gather and have pollinator-related events! If you're located in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton area, check HERE for announcements of events. Everyone in the family can attend (most) events, as we try to be all-inclusive as possible! Giving children opportunities to grow and learn early is what establishes our world's future environmental health. Start them young!

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Clean-Up / Beautification

Celebrate Earth Day ANYDAY! Does trash end up in landfills most of the time, even when recycled? Unfortunately, yes. But the impact of trash is not only affecting human life... Let's clean our Earth for all of the amazing animal and aquatic life surrounding us. Gather your friends and family near your local river. We'll work together for a clean-up event while connecting with the beauty of nature as we remove the debris.

Check HERE for upcoming clean-ups in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton area!

Service Calls

The purpose of founding Maygical Garden was to build a pollinator-conscious, nature-loving community! That means we all can work together and learn together in our homesteading, farming, or beekeeping journeys. When questions arise about your existing hives that need some additional insight, reach out to us for an on-site service call or virtual (FaceTime/Zoom) chat!

 Beekeeping is one of those operations that will never stay consistent or ever be 100% perfect - Just like gardening! If we don't have the answer, we'll do our best to provide you the resources and guidance needed. Ethical best practices will always come first when creating a gameplan.


Pollinator Presentations

We LOVE bee-ing a pollinator resource and educator for nature-lovers of all ages!  Yes... I dress as a bee every time :) Adults always learn something new about our amazing pollinators, while most children tend to find an immediate interest, which sows the seed for their (and our ecosystem's) future! Lots of props and pictures are brought alongside plenty of raw honey samples.

Each presentation can be customized to cover specific topics such as life of a bee, pollinator gardens, beekeeping operations, where food comes from, etc... Great for birthdays, daycares, schools, corporate events, holiday celebrations, and more.

Click HERE to inquire on a private event in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton area!


Local Vendor Events

The bees work very hard all season long to collect nectar and other resources to feed their growing colonies. When hives are well taken care of and there is also an abundance of blooms, the bees collect and make a surplus of honey. Sharing a local, ethically sourced product with our community is a bonus of having healthy, happy hives! A variety of honey harvests are bottled throughout the year (Spring, summer, buckwheat). Available June until sold out. Decor, education, and seeds available year-round.

Maygical Garden would love to educate fellow citizens on the importance of knowing your farmers and supporting the ecosystem. Contact us HERE to have us at your next vendor event!

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