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Beekeeping & Gardening Services

All services are custom and will BEE quoted specifically to your needs. Bee removals are accepted on a case-by-case basis, please submit pictures and details to us for further quoting: (937) 701-3412

Contact us to inquire on Beekeeping services in Greater Cincinnati/Dayton for the 2023-2024 season!

Book your consultation HERE!


Apiary Setup & Installation

The chance of successful colonies starts with a well-planned apiary. Whether you are experienced in beekeeping or a novice, we would be happy to help create an awesome pollinator home. High-quality, long-lasting equipment is ensured when purchasing from us.

We guarantee ALL bees received from Maygical Garden are native to Southwest Ohio that year (feral bees).

Consider them "locals" :)


Hive Maintenance & Care

This service covers a variety of circumstances and requests. Contact us if you're looking for some assistance with your existing hives or if you have questions about your colonies. Inquiries about bee removal during swarm season are accepted as well!

 We take a "natural" and low maintenance approach with all our beekeeping services & support.


BEE Hands-On (Mentorship)

"Bee-coming" a beekeeper might seem like an overwhelming process when researching how to start an apiary.

Our "BEE HANDS-ON" package is built to reduce your worries and increase your chance of success, even in the first year!

We'll start with a consultation and onsite evaluation to plan your apiary of any size. Once equipment is purchased, installation of your new colony(s) will be arranged, which is where your mentorship series will begin.


Join us while we inspect the hive for health & safety and begin to work & learn more with your bees each session!


BEE Hands-Off (Full Service)

If you want to enjoy the benefits of fuzzy pollinators on your property without the hassle of maintaining beehives,

this "BEE HANDS-OFF" package is created for you!

Would you love increased pollination in your garden?

Do you want to be part of the "Save The Bees" movement?

Have you thought about getting delicious honey straight from your backyard?  

This can all be possible without being a beekeeper when you hire Maygical Garden for your full hands-off services. There will be an initial consultation to discuss apiary layout and expectations, along with pricing and our season plan. After install, you will only be involved to schedule visits for biweekly/monthly maintenance.


Pollinator Lawn

Coming soon in Spring 2024!


Urban Gardening

Coming soon in Spring 2024!

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