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Welcome to the Maygical Garden!

I am so excited to announce the official launch of the Maygical Garden business and share this website with you all. This is the start of our 2022 Beekeeping/Gardening season, hopefully the best one yet!

Now offering Beekeeping consultations, programs, and mentorships!

Have you thought about if it's possible to have hives in your backyard? Have you wondered what it takes to build an apiary and becoming a beekeeper? Whether you want to BEE Hands-On or Hands-Off is up to you, as our services are customizable and equipment is sourced through us, so you never have to worry about the "HOW".

HONEY 2022:

Our ladies are stretching their wings and exploring for resources like nectar during early spring. Foraging bees fly tens of thousands of miles to produce honey.

Please be patient and signup for our waitlist to be first to know when a surplus of honey is available! (Estimated 7/1/2022)

Click here to join waitlist:


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