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NEW PRODUCT! 🥃 In partnership with In The Curious Kitchen, this product was created using raw, local honey from Maygical Garden hives in 2023. MK is not only a local business owner, but also a huge supporter of other's small businesses, so this product features local delicacies you'll want to enjoy on your next sandwich.


Three fabulous flavors in one unbelievably delicious condiment - Kentucky Bourbon, Maygical Garden Raw Honey, and delicious Mustard Seed!


In The Curious Kitchen's Bourbon Honey Mustard is a favorite for topping hot dogs, turkey sandwiches and ham sliders. Brush over pork tenderloin for a flavorful twist on a classic, or add to pan sauces to create great base notes for any entree. The perfect addition to charcuterie boards, this is delicious as a dip for crackers as well. Keep on hand for lunches, snacks and cooking.

A perfect gift for any honey and/or bourbon lover!

Bourbon Honey Mustard

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