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Not sure which season of honey is your favorite? Want to taste a full year of blooms from Ohio? Try our raw, local, fresh, unfiltered seasonal honey mini (3 ounce) jars SAMPLER PACK - AVAILABLE ONLY DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON!


Each pack includes three 2023 seasonal minis of your choice: Spring, Summer, Fall, Buckwheat (B.W. honey sourced from Amish hives not owned by Maygical). Each sampler pack comes in a gold organza bag with 1 mini wooden dipper.


Lighter nectar is collected during the springtime (locust trees if we're lucky), and then a beautiful golden honey harvest from June-August, followed by an amber Fall harvest from Ohio later season wildflowers and an abundance of clover. The thick, dark amber honey comes from buckwheat nectar in Amish Country, Ohio (not Maygical Garden) 🍯


Spring, summer and fall seasonal harvests are from the Maygical Garden hives during May-October 2023. The buckwheat harvest is from Ohio Amish Country in September 2022.


Try (or gift) a sample pack of seasonal honey if you want to experience nature’s variety! All honey sold by Maygical Garden is 100% pure with no flavoring/additives and never heat-treated, filtered, or altered in anyway. Organic methods are always used in our apiary as nature intended. You will get to enjoy the full beneficial properties of the honey when eaten raw and unheated.



Seasonal Honey Sampler Pack

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